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sourced at quality grade, our soft commodities and agricultural products are


available for retail, small markets, and online outlets and are


shipped directly from the u.s. and global facilities.  k-cup coffee has the option to be


shipped directly from a u.s. warehouse.  our agricultural sectors include, fruits,


vegetables, and animal feed.

handmade in India our quality apparel is available in casual, sport, and dress

in women, men, children, and toddler categories. under fair labor practices

and certifying organizations the end products are up to quality standards.

we also handpick private label options based on client requests.

Our innovative readers and optical wear are available rounded, squared, oval,  and All manufactured at competitive pricing.  our private label options are handpicked to the clients liking.  we offer the option of sourcing directly or from our factory located in North Carolina

Men and Women, sourced footwear from Africa and china are available in dress, sport, casual, and industrial.  manufacturers tailor the footwear based on international trends and market climate and are quite flexible in terms of orders.  we also offer to be shipped from our u.s. warehouse.  the featured 2018 quality footwear is produced in leather, crocodile, and ostrich.

available in multiple styled frames and layers of color our luxury eyewear is handcrafted in Italy precise to fit the style and elegance of North America, South America, and beyond.  we offer multiple brands and the option to contract manufacture to your personal, unique style and brand.

Our industry brief reports are timely and up-to-date.  we cover multiple


industries and information is constantly updated to meet the needs


of our clients. please request by email a translated copy for


varying language standards as pricing differs. 





​If you would like to send samples to be considered as a verified supplier, please contact us beforehand.

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