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All New Roads Lead To Drones

With some of the biggest tech firms standing behind drone innovation to service us in various industries, the odds of a drone delivering pizza to your door is not so far fetched anymore. Just like everyone chuckled at the idea of wireless phones way back when, the idea to even function without an android device is like committing tech perjury. Some of the top firms like Amazon, Google, and so on have their eyes set on supply chain automation and the likelihood of it happening soon is in no way bleak.

With all new tech there are hurdles to climb and barriers to overcome, but once these tiny solutions are ironed out, to receive a product, meal or package from a drone will be like an everyday thing. According to "Global Trade" these drones will be operated by a single app. And let's not begin to think about self driving cars, what a sight to see, Yes folks the days of "I-Robot" are coming soon!

I think I'll make my way to the Drone World Expo on Oct. 3-4 in San Jose, CA :)

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