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Globalize Your Brand

Due to the political climate and it's impact logistically, many international companies have swayed from pushing certain brands in the U.S. Although, it depends on the product, there are many factors to consider.

If you already have a good population base for your brand domestically, you have a good chance to expand in other regions. Your fan base can also help spread the message about expansion to the said country. Also, every country has a unique cultural climate so unique and strategic marketing should be used.

For some, diversity and size of a country can be intimidating. As long as due diligence is carried out in the areas of marketing, strategy, and sales you are headed in the right direction. A realistic view of what is needed can hugely determine your success:

Do you have the financial resources needed?

Is there a true market for your product?

Are you open to modifications of your brand?

Do you have realistic expectations of the timeline and the financial requirements?

While these are only a few questions to consider, the foundation of where to start has been stated and it is a process. In the words of Famous Footwear President, Rick Ausick "Be excited about what the possibilities are now but also understand what it might take to get there."

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